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Aethan is 1 of the most sought after producers, in #UGHipHop. His track record is impeccable. From hit songs with Navio & The Mith, to straight up club bangers with Ruyonga and Flex D'Paper, Aethan is THAT guy.

He produced 'I'm So UG' and 'Fire' for The Mith, the latter being the artists break-through single. So, it was no surprise when The Mith had Aethan produce the 2nd official single off his sophomore album, Destination:AFRICA.

We talked to him about what he brought to Destination: AFRICA.

1- You produced 'I'm So UG' and 'Fire' for The Mith, which one is your favorite song, and why?

Aethan: 'I'm So Ug' is my favorite. It went on to be much more than a song to people.. it's more of a way of life now: 'So Ug'

2- Tell us about 'Go Hard'.

Aethan: 'Go Hard' is a song that I produced for The Mith for his forthcoming album; Destination: Africa. Production on this was partially inspired by 'Wonder Wall' a 1995 song by English rock band 'Oasis' and more so, the band's lead singer's (Noel Gallagher) rants on how Hip Hop wasn't fit as a headlining act at the Glastonbury festival which, in a way, explains the 'Go hard or Go home' mindstate on which many successful rap careers are built; most if not all their successes (rappers) are achieved by breaking through closed doors, so to say.

3- Should we expect any other songs from The Mith produced by you?

Aethan: Most Definitely.


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