-GO HARD- Lyrics


Verse 1:

How should I begin this?
Been gone for a minute-
Gave ‘em space to bring it/ but they let me back up in it-
Now I’m back to business-
Cruising to the finish-
They thought they would win it/ but I came in just to end it-
Hits are all I’m penning-
I pray the Lord forgive him-
Coz when I start that spending/ it’ll look like I was sinning-
Money stacked to the ceiling-
Dollars, Euros, Shillings-
Got my suit on to kill ‘em-
All for greatness, no Guinness-
I’m so hot, they’re so not/ they’re taking shots at my name-
Roll with Billy B, who’s insane-
Y’all better go and stick to your lane-
Man my team came to just ball/ bet your team’s playing for change-
Got your chic up on that wall/ and that chic’s down for that train-
Mr. So U.G/ I am so that-
So thorough/ all black- my apparel, throwback-
This track’s gon’ bang/ and I’m gon’ reign-
Whether or not the forecast is saying the same…..

Verse 2:

They keep me up in their mentions-
Keep listening to my sessions-
I hope you listen close/ coz ain’t no bitch up in my section-
I’m all about progressing-
So quit with all the testing-
Before me and mine dig up a hole for you to rest in-
These “has-beens” who have never been-
Have the nerve to try and question him/
I’m at the top and this ain’t even the best of him-
I’m so dope, none nicer-
So ‘yeah I’m pushing my price up’-
Kinetic who the boy signed for-
Klear Kut is who the boy ride for-
So ‘die slow’/ ‘die slow’-
Here’s a track for my rivals-
I’m taking all of their titles-
So clear the track for my arrival-
I came, I conquered-
Run the game without no sponsors-
Topped the game from all 4 corners-
Bruce Wayne/ no Joker-
I’m about that green/ I ain’t talking ganja-
Man I came to win/ balling like a monster-
Stick to the script/ death before dishonor-
Stack chips and die fly/ Habyarimana…

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-Chairman Of The Boards-


Aethan is 1 of the most sought after producers, in #UGHipHop. His track record is impeccable. From hit songs with Navio & The Mith, to straight up club bangers with Ruyonga and Flex D'Paper, Aethan is THAT guy.

He produced 'I'm So UG' and 'Fire' for The Mith, the latter being the artists break-through single. So, it was no surprise when The Mith had Aethan produce the 2nd official single off his sophomore album, Destination:AFRICA.

We talked to him about what he brought to Destination: AFRICA.

1- You produced 'I'm So UG' and 'Fire' for The Mith, which one is your favorite song, and why?

Aethan: 'I'm So Ug' is my favorite. It went on to be much more than a song to people.. it's more of a way of life now: 'So Ug'

2- Tell us about 'Go Hard'.

Aethan: 'Go Hard' is a song that I produced for The Mith for his forthcoming album; Destination: Africa. Production on this was partially inspired by 'Wonder Wall' a 1995 song by English rock band 'Oasis' and more so, the band's lead singer's (Noel Gallagher) rants on how Hip Hop wasn't fit as a headlining act at the Glastonbury festival which, in a way, explains the 'Go hard or Go home' mindstate on which many successful rap careers are built; most if not all their successes (rappers) are achieved by breaking through closed doors, so to say.

3- Should we expect any other songs from The Mith produced by you?

Aethan: Most Definitely.



Following the success of 'WINNER', the 1st official single off 'Destination:AFRICA', The Mith is set to release his follow up single, 'GO HARD'.

Produced by Aethan, 'GO HARD' is an anthem that finds The Mith challenging MC's, but still managing to keep it club friendly, with a catchy chorus & hook, and amazing flow.

The official release for 'GO HARD', is on 1st March but before then, The Mith, will get to perform the song with a live band at #KWIVUGA on the 27th, of this month, at Gatto Matto.

Artist: The Mith
Song Title: Go Hard
Produced by: Aethan
Mixed & Mastered by: Samurae.



I took some time off recording 'Destination:AFRICA', to participate in the Talent Africa, #UGCypher. The production of the track was handled by the genius, SAMURAE. The same person who produced the monster 'WINNER' for me.
The #UGCypher features some of Uganda's top MC's, including, Navio, JB, Ruyonga, Don MC, Keko and many more. With names like these, expect a gang of sick punchlines, metaphors and all.
The video for the Cypher was shot by Nigerian, Dayo....same person behind AirporTaxi's smash '808 & Heartbreaks'.
Make sure y'all look out for this #UGCypher.

    Read more here:

    The Mith News

    1 of the main reasons I like doing this rap /music thing is because of the people I get to meet or work with. Years ago, Channel O had a show called 'EMCEE Africa'. This show had MC's from all corners of the continent getting together and battling 1 another, for the title 'Emcee Africa'.
    Being the Hip-Hop Head that I am, I always made time to watch show. 1 of the MC's who impressed me was J-Town, from Ghana. I remember I watched his progress in the show, and found myself rooting for him.

    When the show ended, I did as much as I could to follow what he was doing in the Ghana music scene. 'Guns & Roses'. -googooo is yowa fulendiii-

    Years later, I featured on his debut album 'Bright Light. Dark Shades' (I Love that title. Foooook) On a song called 'Born 4 This'. INCREDIBLE Tune. And now, I am excited to say, he features on my album 'Destination: AFRICA'.

    Make sure y'all look out for 'On Fire' The Mith ft. J-Town, and his artist, Screech. #UG2GH.



      Destination: AFRICA.

      A young talent, J.C Muyonjo, drew this piece for 'Destination: AFRICA'.
      I call J.C a young talent, not because he can only draw this well, but because he also can 'saaaaannng'. I was fortunate enough to have him feature on 1 of the songs off 'Destination: AFRICA'.
      The track '#iHustle' was produced by J.T for YEGO Productions and features the young talent, J.C Muyonjo.


      I figured I'd put together a mix of all the songs I released last year, and those I was featured on.
      The mix which features Tracy, J.B, Enygma, Ruyonga, CODE and lots more, is up for free download here: