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1 of the main reasons I like doing this rap /music thing is because of the people I get to meet or work with. Years ago, Channel O had a show called 'EMCEE Africa'. This show had MC's from all corners of the continent getting together and battling 1 another, for the title 'Emcee Africa'.
Being the Hip-Hop Head that I am, I always made time to watch show. 1 of the MC's who impressed me was J-Town, from Ghana. I remember I watched his progress in the show, and found myself rooting for him.

When the show ended, I did as much as I could to follow what he was doing in the Ghana music scene. 'Guns & Roses'. -googooo is yowa fulendiii-

Years later, I featured on his debut album 'Bright Light. Dark Shades' (I Love that title. Foooook) On a song called 'Born 4 This'. INCREDIBLE Tune. And now, I am excited to say, he features on my album 'Destination: AFRICA'.

Make sure y'all look out for 'On Fire' The Mith ft. J-Town, and his artist, Screech. #UG2GH.



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