-GO HARD- Lyrics


Verse 1:

How should I begin this?
Been gone for a minute-
Gave ‘em space to bring it/ but they let me back up in it-
Now I’m back to business-
Cruising to the finish-
They thought they would win it/ but I came in just to end it-
Hits are all I’m penning-
I pray the Lord forgive him-
Coz when I start that spending/ it’ll look like I was sinning-
Money stacked to the ceiling-
Dollars, Euros, Shillings-
Got my suit on to kill ‘em-
All for greatness, no Guinness-
I’m so hot, they’re so not/ they’re taking shots at my name-
Roll with Billy B, who’s insane-
Y’all better go and stick to your lane-
Man my team came to just ball/ bet your team’s playing for change-
Got your chic up on that wall/ and that chic’s down for that train-
Mr. So U.G/ I am so that-
So thorough/ all black- my apparel, throwback-
This track’s gon’ bang/ and I’m gon’ reign-
Whether or not the forecast is saying the same…..

Verse 2:

They keep me up in their mentions-
Keep listening to my sessions-
I hope you listen close/ coz ain’t no bitch up in my section-
I’m all about progressing-
So quit with all the testing-
Before me and mine dig up a hole for you to rest in-
These “has-beens” who have never been-
Have the nerve to try and question him/
I’m at the top and this ain’t even the best of him-
I’m so dope, none nicer-
So ‘yeah I’m pushing my price up’-
Kinetic who the boy signed for-
Klear Kut is who the boy ride for-
So ‘die slow’/ ‘die slow’-
Here’s a track for my rivals-
I’m taking all of their titles-
So clear the track for my arrival-
I came, I conquered-
Run the game without no sponsors-
Topped the game from all 4 corners-
Bruce Wayne/ no Joker-
I’m about that green/ I ain’t talking ganja-
Man I came to win/ balling like a monster-
Stick to the script/ death before dishonor-
Stack chips and die fly/ Habyarimana…

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